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May 2018

May, 2018

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Rescheduled from May 17, 2018.
Person Name TitleStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
Ashley Skoczynski Citizen
Confirmed by Council: 3/9/2017
3/9/2017 4/13/2021     Mayor
Eileen Kirsch Citizen
Confirmed by Council: 1/8/2015
1/8/2015 4/9/2020     Mayor
Jacqueline Marcou Council Member
Confirmed by Council: 5/11/2017
4/18/2017 4/16/2019 Mayor
Jim Webb Citizen
Confirmed by Council: 4/10/09
4/10/2009 4/1/2019     Mayor
Mark Terpstra Citizen
Confirmed by Council: 4/13/06
4/13/2006 4/12/2022     Mayor
Marvin Wanders Citizen
Confirmed by Council: 4/15/11
4/15/2011 4/13/2021     Mayor
Paul Medinger Council Member
Confirmed by Council: 5/11/2017
4/12/2012 4/20/2021 Mayor
Sandy Cleary Citizen
Confirmed by Council: 10/10/13
10/10/2013 4/11/2023     Mayor
Todd Olson Citizen
Confirmed by Council: 9/12/16
9/12/2016 4/9/2020     Mayor
The Board of Park Commissioners shall have full power to govern, manage, control and improve said parks, boulevards, pleasure drives and swimming pools, to lay out the same, to make rules for the regulation and government thereof and for the preservation of order therein, which rules, however, shall be approved by the Council before going into effect, to restrict traffic and prohibit heavy traffic thereon. The Board of Park Commissioners is comprised of seven citizens terms and two Aldermen who shall be appointed by the Mayor subject to approval by the majority of the members of the Council. The Park Commissioner serves a five-year term and the Alderman serve two-year terms.