City Hall  
City of La Crosse, Wisconsin  
400 La Crosse Street  
La Crosse, WI 54601  
Meeting Agenda - Final  
Judiciary & Administration Committee  
Tuesday, May 2, 2023  
6:00 PM  
Council Chambers  
City Hall, First Floor  
This meeting is open for in-person attendance and will also be conducted through video conferencing. The meeting  
clicking on the "In Progress" video link to the far right in the meeting list.  
Agenda items approved for public hearing by the committee are open to public comment. If you wish to speak on  
an agenda item, arrive early to sign up before the meeting begins. If attending virtually and you wish to speak,  
contact the City Clerk at the email or phone number below so we can provide you with information to join.  
Members of the public who would like to provide written comments on any agenda may do so by emailing, using a drop box outside of City Hall or mailing the City Clerk, 400 La Crosse Street,  
La Crosse WI 54601. Questions, call 608-789-7510.  
Public hearings before the respective standing committee shall be limited to 15 minutes for the proponents;  
followed by 15 minutes for the opponents and three-minute rebuttal for each side unless such time is extended by  
a majority vote of the committee. All speakers at a public hearing of the standing committees shall speak no more  
than three (3) minutes unless waived by the Chair or a majority of the committee.  
Call To Order  
Roll Call  
Election of Officers  
Agenda Items:  
AN ORDINANCE to amend Subsection 115-110 of the Code of Ordinances of  
the City of La Crosse by transferring certain property from the Single Family  
Residence to the Residence District allowing for the existing dwelling to be  
used as a duplex at 3019 Ward Avenue.  
Referred from April 2023 meetings.  
Application of K & M Chances R LLC dba Chances R for an Expansion of  
Alcohol Beverage License & Street Privilege Permit for special event at 417 Jay  
Street on June 3, 2023.  
Resolution recreating Council Rules (Appendix B of the Municipal Code).  
Application of The Charmant Hotel LLC dba The Charmant Hotel for Expansion  
of Alcohol Beverage License & Street Privilege Permit for special event at the  
100 Block of State Street on Friday, August 18, 2023.  
Resolution amending membership of the City of La Crosse Racial Equity Team  
to ten (10) members.  
Application of Christopher and Kelly Jo Eberlein for a Conditional Use Permit at  
4808 Stanley Court allowing for a detached garage.  
Public hearing.  
Application of Allan McCormick for a Conditional Use Permit at 455 Park Plaza  
Drive allowing for removal of structure and creation of green space for future  
development of a multi-story, mixed-use building.  
Public hearing.  
Application of Pump House Regional Arts Center, Inc. dba Pump House  
Regional Arts Center for an Expansion of Alcohol Beverage License for special  
event at 119 King Street on June 10 and 11, 2023.  
Request of Northern Grounds Properties LLC for an Exception to Minimum  
Height Standards allowing for a drive-thru coffee kiosk at 224 La Crosse Street.  
Public hearing.  
Various license applications pursuant to Chapters 4, 6, and/or 10 of the La  
Crosse Municipal Code for the remainder of license period 2022-2023 (May).  
Notice is further given that members of other governmental bodies may be present at the above  
scheduled meeting to gather information about a subject over which they have decision-making  
Requests from persons with a disability who need assistance to participate in this meeting should call  
the City Clerk's office at (608) 789-7510 or send an email to, with as  
much advance notice as possible.  
Judiciary & Administration Committee Members:  
Chris Kahlow, Tamra Dickinson, Jenasea Hameister, Mac Kiel, Mackenzie Mindel,  
Chris Woodard, Jennifer Trost