City Hall  
City of La Crosse, Wisconsin  
400 La Crosse Street  
La Crosse, WI 54601  
Meeting Agenda - Final-revised  
Common Council  
Thursday, May 11, 2023  
6:00 PM  
Council Chambers  
City Hall, First Floor  
The Common Council meeting is open for in-person attendance and will also be conducted through video  
conferencing. The meeting can be viewed by visiting the Legislative Information Center  
Members of the public who would like to provide written comments on any agenda item may do so by emailing, using a drop box outside of City Hall or mailing the City Clerk, 400 La Crosse Street,  
La Crosse WI 54601. Questions, call 608-789-7510.  
Mayor Mitch Reynolds, Presiding  
Roll Call  
Pledge of Allegiance  
Chaplain Ann Wales, La Crosse Jail Ministry  
Council Member Appointment to the Executive Committee  
Approval of Minutes  
Minutes of the April 13, 2023 regular and April 18, 2023 organizational meeting  
Engineering Monthly Progress Report.  
Financial Report from the Director of Finance for the month of March 2023.  
Notices and Discussions  
Resolution approving 2023 Bills and Engineering Estimates paid in May 2023.  
Common Council Emergency Interim Successors - 2023.  
Aviation Board: Tamra Dickinson. Arts Board: Mark Neumann. Bicycle and  
Pedestrian Advisory Committee: Larry Sleznikow, Brooke Pataska. Boundary  
Agreement Task Force: Doug Happel, Mark Neumann, Jennifer Trost. Building  
and Housing Appeals Board: Kevin Kellogg. Committee for Citizens with  
Disabilities: Larry Sleznikow. City Plan Commission: Jennifer Trost, Jenasea  
Hameister. Climate Action Plan Steering Committee: Mackenzie Mindel. EMS  
Contract Negotiating Committee: Doug Happel, Erin Goggin. Heritage  
Preservation Commission: Mackenzie Mindel. Human Rights Commission:  
Claire Bakalars, Mac Kiel. International Committee: Chris Woodard. Joint Board  
of Harbor Commissioners: Mark Neumann, Jerome Gundersen. Joint  
Development Corporation: Chris Woodard, Chris Kahlow. La Crosse County  
Convention and Visitors Bureau: Barb Janssen. La Crosse Center Board: Barb  
Janssen. Library Board: Mac Kiel. Neighborhood Revitalization Commission:  
Larry Sleznikow, Jennifer Trost. Public Safety Communications Board: Doug  
Happel. Redevelopment Authority: Barb Janssen. Room Tax Commission:  
Jennifer Trost, Ben Stepanek. Weed Commissioners: Kelsey Hanson, Andrew  
Berzinski, David Reinhart, Jason Riley, Mike Suntken, Eddie Young, David  
Foster, Sarah Rafajko, James Woychik, Jeff Kepler.  
Report of Bids and Resolution awarding contract to Fowler & Hammer, Inc. in  
the amount of $2,507,118.33 for the 2nd Street Reconstruction Project.  
Report of Bids and Resolution awarding contract to Johnson Controls, Inc. in  
the amount of $693,500.00 for the La Crosse Center Boiler Replacement.  
Report of Bids and Resolution awarding contract to Gerke Excavating, Inc. in  
the amount of $683,221.33 for the LRIP Cliffwood Lane - 28th St to Seiler Lane  
Report of Bids and Resolution awarding contract to Brickl Bros., Inc. in the  
amount of $591,275.00 for the Myrick Park Playground Phase 2 Improvements  
Resolution approving Request of Northern Grounds Properties LLC for an  
Exception to Minimum Height Standards allowing for a drive-thru coffee kiosk at  
224 La Crosse Street.  
Motion to approve failed on a vote of 2-5 out of Judiciary & Administration Committee.  
AN ORDINANCE to amend Subsection 115-110 of the Code of Ordinances of  
the City of La Crosse by transferring certain property from the Single Family  
Residence to the Residence District allowing for the existing dwelling to be  
used as a duplex at 3019 Ward Avenue.  
*3/4 vote required to adopt; 20% objection rate has been met.*  
The following consent agenda will be approved with a single voice vote, based on the  
recommended actions, unless an item is removed at the request of the Mayor or a  
Council Member.  
Resolution approving increased CIP costs for Boilers at the La Crosse Center.  
Resolution approving Application of K & M Chances R LLC dba Chances R for  
an Expansion of Alcohol Beverage License & Street Privilege Permit for special  
event at 417 Jay Street on June 3, 2023.  
Resolution recreating Council Rules (Appendix B of the Municipal Code).  
Resolution approving Application of The Charmant Hotel LLC dba The  
Charmant Hotel for Expansion of Alcohol Beverage License & Street Privilege  
Permit for special event at the 100 Block of State Street on Friday, August 18,  
Preliminary resolution declaring intent to exercise special assessment powers  
under Secs 66.0829 and 66.0703, Wisconsin Statutes, relating to the operation  
and maintenance of a downtown parking system.  
Resolution amending membership of the City of La Crosse Racial Equity Team  
to ten (10) members.  
Resolution approving Application of Christopher and Kelly Jo Eberlein for a  
Conditional Use Permit at 4808 Stanley Court allowing for a detached garage.  
Resolution approving Application of Allan McCormick for a Conditional Use  
Permit at 455 Park Plaza Drive allowing for removal of structure and creation of  
green space for future development of a multi-story, mixed-use building.  
Amended Resolution transferring City-owned parcels to the Redevelopment  
Authority of La Crosse for the development of River Point District.  
Resolution authorizing funding for a design and bidding services contract with  
Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH) for Phase III (3) of River Point District.  
Resolution approving Application of Pump House Regional Arts Center, Inc. dba  
Pump House Regional Arts Center for an Expansion of Alcohol Beverage  
License for special event at 119 King Street on June 10, 2023.  
Resolution approving American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funding for costs  
associated with residential development in the floodplain.  
Resolution granting Various license applications pursuant to Chapters 4, 6,  
and/or 10 of the La Crosse Municipal Code for the remainder of license period  
2022-2023 (May).  
Update on La Crosse River Marsh Lead Contamination. (Note: The Committee  
and/or Council may convene in closed session pursuant to Wis. Stat. 19.85(1)(e) to  
formulate & update negotiation strategies and parameters. Following such closed  
session, the Committees and/or Council may reconvene in open session.)  
Requests from persons with a disability who need assistance to participate in this meeting should call  
the City Clerk's office at (608) 789-7510 or send an email to, with as  
much advance notice as possible.  
Any invocation that may be offered at the Council meeting shall be the voluntary  
offering of a private citizen, to and for the benefit of the Council. The views or beliefs  
expressed by the invocation speaker have not been previously reviewed or approved  
by the Council, and the Council will not endorse the religious beliefs or views of this,  
or any other speaker.  
Council Members:  
Tamra Dickinson, Erin Goggin, Barb Janssen, Larry Sleznikow, Jenasea Hameister,  
Christine Kahlow, Mac Kiel, Mackenzie Mindel, Chris Woodard, Rebecca Schwarz,  
Jennifer Trost, Douglas Happel, Mark Neumann