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City of La Crosse, Wisconsin  
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Meeting Minutes - Final  
Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee  
Tuesday, May 9, 2023  
8:30 AM  
Council Chambers- City Hall- 400 La Crosse St  
Members of the public will be able to attend the meeting in person in the Council Chambers at  
Hall located at 400 La Crosse St in La Crosse or online via video conferencing with the link  
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Call to Order  
The meeting was called to order at 8:32am.  
Roll Call  
7 -  
Robert Young, Jeff Fennie, Larry Sleznikow, Grace Janssen, Stephanie  
Sward, Randi Pueschner,Chelsey Bodon  
1 - Cory Brandyl  
Approval of Minutes  
Approval of the April 11, 2023 Meeting Minutes.  
Robbie Young moved to approve the minutes. Stephanie Sward seconded. The  
motion passed 7-0 by voice vote.  
Agenda Items:  
Jacob Sciammas informed the Committee that five new stations have been  
installed and a new job position for a manager was posted. The new stations  
include Myrick Park, Viterbo, a second one by UWL, Chad Erickson Park, and  
Mayo. Jacob also stated that they filed for their own 510c3 status. CM Larry  
Sleznikow stated that he has seen more people riding the bikes. Jacob stated  
that there are also some additional places being considered and/or requested  
for facilities. They hope to expand to have more stations on the north side and  
one by the convention center. Jackie Eastwood asked for the exact locations of  
the new facilities. Jacob directed her to the website where all of them are  
mapped out.  
Staff informed the Committee about the Safe Streets and Roads for All grant  
opportunity to develop a Vision Zero plan for the community. Having this plan  
in place would allow the City to apply for funding sources for bicycle and  
pedestrian facilities along with other safety measures. Stephanie asked if it  
was a reimbursable grant. Staff stated that it was. Stephanie clarify that the  
City would then have to pay for all of it first. Larry asked what the cost of a  
plan would be. Staff stated that other communities have spent $200k. Larry  
asked about timeline of grant. Staff stated that we could apply this year, grant  
agreement in 2024 and then finish the project within 1-5 years. Larry stated that  
is sounds like we may have the time to allocate funding Jeff asked who would  
manage the plan. Staff stated that they would manage both the completion of  
the plan and the implementation of it. Cathy asked how this plan would tie into  
the Climate Action Plan. Staff stated that making routes safer for all road users  
can help reduce car dependency which ties into that plan.  
Robbie Young expressed his concern about spending that much money on a  
plan if there is not comprehensive support for its implementation after its  
completed. He said all departments have to be committed to the plan in order  
to implement and execute the plan.  
Jeff moved to have staff move forward with submitting an application. Randi  
Pueschner seconded. The motion passed by voice vote 7-0.  
Recap of Community Transportation Academy.  
CM Sleznikow stated that he attended the Community Transportation Academy  
that was offered by 1000 Friends of Wisconsin. CM Sleznikow stated the several  
speakers that attended and different topics they discussed at the academy. CM  
Sleznikow stated that there was a lot of information provided. For the first class  
and for free it was a great opportunity. Staff added that a webinar about the  
academy is being provided on May 17th. Staff who attended added it would be  
good to include all members of the community, not just advocates, to learn  
about transportation and mobility. Randi Pueschner stated she enjoyed  
discussing with like minded people, but agreed with staff that it would be a  
good goal to get others to participate in the academy. Cathy Van Maren stated  
that we should find a way to keep it going in La Crosse.  
Update on Wagon Wheel Trail.  
Staff informed the Committee that they were not awarded congressionally  
directed funding for the Wagon Wheel Trail project but are still waiting to hear  
about the RAISE grant. Staff stated they are working on applying for funds for  
the extra costs of planning and construction due to inflation since receiving the  
Transportation Alternatives Program Grant. Staff stated they also have monthly  
meetings with the consultant hired to complete the studies/surveys for the  
Review of Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan contract  
Staff stated the final contract will go thought the June Council cycle and will  
be sent to the Wisconsin DOT. Staff stated if there was anything to add or  
change, now would be the time do it. Stephanie motioned to approve the final  
contract. Jeff seconded. The motion passed 7-0 by voice vote.  
The meeting was adjourned at 9:17pm.  
Notice is further given that members of other governmental bodies may be present at the  
above scheduled meeting to gather information about a subject over which they have  
decision-making responsibility.  
Requests from persons with a disability who need assistance to participate in this meeting  
should call the City Clerk's office at (608) 789-7510 or send an email to, with as much advance notice as possible.  
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Members:  
CM Larry Sleznikow, Cory Brandyl, Grace Janssen, Jeff Fennie, Randi Pueschner, Robert  
Stephanie Sward, Chelsey Boldon