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October 2019

Oct, 2019

Person Name TitleStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
Andrea Richmond Council Member
Confirmed by Council: 6/13/13
6/13/2013 4/20/2021 Mayor
Brian Rotty Non-Citizen
Confirmed by Council: 4/11/19
4/11/2019 4/11/2021     Mayor
Carol Kratz Citizen
Confirmed by Council: 11/6/07
7/13/2006 11/1/2020     Mayor
Jeff Sexton Citizen
Confirmed by Council: 9/14/17
9/14/2017 11/1/2020     Mayor
Jeff Wrobel Citizen
Confirmed by Council: 9/12/2016
9/12/2016 11/1/2022     Mayor
Larry Lebiecki Citizen
Confirmed by Council: 10/10/19
10/10/2019 10/10/2022     Mayor
Mike Giese County Board Representative3/12/2015 1/11/2020     County Board Chairperson
Neil Duresky Citizen
Confirmed by Council: 10/11/18
10/11/2018 11/1/2021     Mayor
The Aviation Board oversees matters relating to the operations of La Crosse Municipal Airport. The Aviation Board consists of seven voting members and up to three non-voting ex officio members. Voting Board members shall be appointed by the mayor for a term of three years. The Mayor's voting board member appointments shall be subject to the confirmation of the Council. Ex-officio members shall be appointed and remove by the Mayor and shall serve a term of two years. One voting member shall be a member of the Common Council and one voting member shall be a member of the County Board of Supervisors. A minimum of four voting members shall be residents of the City. Ex-officio members need not be residents of the City. The Council Member shall be the Chair. The Vice-Chair shall be elected by the body every twenty-four months on the first regular meeting of the year.