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March 2017

Mar, 2017

The Sustainable La Crosse Commission regularly reviews progress of implementing City and County of La Crosse Strategic Plan for Sustainability and coordinates the review and revision of the Plan on a 2 to 5 year cycle. Makes recommendations of funding and policy; and contributes to the education, expansion, enhancement and public awareness of the Sustainability Plan. The Sustainable La Crosse Commission is comprised of the La Crosse County Board Chair (or designee), a La Crosse County Board Supervisor appointed by the Chair, subject to Board approval; the Mayor of the City of La Crosse (or a Council Member designee), a City of La Crosse Council Member appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval by the Council; the Mayor of the City of Onalaska (or an Onalaska Council Member designee); and four citizens selected by application process with one each from community group, business, higher education, and health care. All members serve two-year terms.