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May 2023

May, 2023

Person Name TitleStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
VACANCY Non-Citizen12/13/2022     Mayor
Alyson Glenz School District Representative
Confirmed by Council 12/9/2021
12/9/2021 12/9/2024     Mayor
Art Marson Non-Citizen
Confirmed by Council: 11/10/2016
11/10/2016 9/12/2023     Mayor
Chris Woodard Council Member
Confirmed by Council: 5/13/2021
5/13/2021 4/15/2025 Mayor
Dana Young Sister City Rep.3/9/2023 3/9/2026     Mayor
Jerry Burns  
Kumbo Rep
7/14/2022 7/14/2025     Mayor
Karolyn Bald UW-L Rep.
Confirmed by Council: 9/10/2020
9/10/2020 9/10/2023     Mayor
Lynn West Sister City Rep.
Confirmed by Council 12/9/2021
12/9/2021 12/9/2024     Mayor
Mackenzie Brady WTC Rep
Confirmed by Council: 4/11/2019
4/11/2019 9/12/2023     Mayor
Melissa Giefer Viterbo Rep.
Confirmed by Council: 8/8/2019, 10/14/21
8/8/2019 9/12/2024     Mayor
Michael De Yoe Sister City Rep.
Confirmed by Council: 11/13/14
11/13/2014 9/12/2023     Mayor
Mindy Wiesjahn  
Junglinster Rep
7/14/2022 7/14/2025     Mayor
Todd Bye Sister City Rep.
Confirmed by Council: 11/12/10
11/12/2010 10/13/2025*     Mayor
The International Committee exists as an umbrella committee to advise the Mayor and City Council and to act as a resource on international matters, to advise and to recommend future Sister City relationships, and to coordinate activities among the La Crosse Sister City Committees. The Committee is responsible for keeping alive our locally rich and diverse cultural heritage, for raising awareness of international connections available in the La Crosse area, and for fostering positive relations with citizens in other countries. The Sister/Partner/Twinned Cities include Republic of Cameroon, Kumbo, West Africa; Epinal, France; Dubna, Russia; Luoyang, China; Friedberg, Germany; Forde, Norway; and Bantry, Ireland. Committee members shall be appointed by the Mayor for a term of three years and shall consist of no more than 13 members: One (1) Council Member and twelve (12) members to include representatives from the sister city committees, and the remainder a balanced representation from La Crosse educational and business institutions and area citizens with an interest in global connections. Appointment to the committee shall be upon recommendation of the Committee and approval of the Common Council; residency requirements notwithstanding.